Truck Accidents

  • 15 Jul,2020
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Truck Accidents

Accidents occur every day on Sacramento highways. Those involving trucks, aka big-rigs, semi-trucks or tractor-trailers, are often the most costly and devastating. The reason is clear, as semi-trucks weigh approximately 18,000 pounds compared to an average car of 4,000 pounds.

Even when a car collides with a tractor-trailer there aren’t many accidents more deadly and is the #1 reason you should consult an expert Bay Area truck accident lawyer.

What should you do if you’ve been involved in an accident with a Semi truck?

  • If injured seek medical attention immediately.
  • Exchange contact information with the other driver.
  • Get a police report
  • Don’t discuss the events of the accident with the other driver
  • Get witnesses and their contact info
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Underride accidents happen when a passenger vehicle gets crushed under the rear or side of a Semi truck. Side underride collisions are severely life-threatening especially at night when a crossing semi, with colors that closely resemble the colors in its background, will be more troublesome to see.

Generally, underride accidents occur at night. Most semis include standard equipment box trailers having enough contrasting colors to be seen during the day. However a low sun angle can make it hard to see during daylight for obvious reasons. Trucks carrying protruding loads, like pipes or lumber, are also at a larger risk of underride accidents during daytime hours.

Rollovers are another dangerous accident involving trucks. This happens when a semi-truck travels over a loose surface and the driver overcorrects to try and regain control by steering back onto the pavement. This often rolls the truck onto its side resulting in injury not only to the truck driver but also unsuspecting cars and motorcycles nearby.

Truck accident lawyers at Phoong Law Corp have handled numerous settlements involving commercial trucks. These vehicles can easily weigh 20 times what an average passenger vehicle weighs. And, as a result of the danger truck accidents pose, truck drivers carry an additional level of responsibility and liability.

At Phoong Law Corp we represent victims of truck accidents and other acts of negligence. We work to help our clients obtain medical care and compensation for the injuries and damage they’ve received.

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