Auto Accidents

  • 15 Jul,2020
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Auto Accidents

While the Bay Area is desirable and beautiful places to live, car accidents cause serious injury, death and property damage each year. Thankfully, cars are increasingly safer and more efficient with new technologies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the number of car accidents and injuries are decreasing as well.

Here’s what our Bay Area car accident lawyers will do to pursue justice for you:

  • Investigate your car accident thoroughly, often in conjunction with law enforcement.
  • Assess all damages, including current & future medical bills, lost income, damaged property and pain and suffering.
  • Demand damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.
  • Negotiate aggressively – and in good faith – for maximum compensation.
  • If negotiation isn’t possible, we fight to win full and fair compensation for your injuries in court.

For those injured in an auto accident, many times, it is a life-changing event and can cause lasting damage that is not only physical but emotional and financial.

Medical bills can stack up quickly. Repairing a vehicle to the condition it was before the accident is not always possible. Loss of work is not uncommon due to physical pain and therapy needed to recover medically.

Often, insurance companies seek to limit their exposure to financial liability of auto accidents. When you’re injured, financially stressed, you’re vehicle is damaged or undrivable and you’re unable to work, what do you do after the insurance company denies the claim?

When To Contact An Injury Attorney?

The right time to call an accident attorney is as soon as possible. The insurance companies have high powered lawyers working on their corporate client’s behalf to minimize any settlement due you. Most victims are unaware of their full legal rights when involved in an car wreck.

Additionally, many victims don’t realize that they may have been tricked into waiving certain protections rightfully due them.

Can’t Afford An Attorney?

Injury accidents can be traumatic leaving victims confused and disoriented. The adrenaline is pumping and a you may not realize the severity of your physical injuries until hours or even days later. Then there is the property damage, vehicle repair costs and potential time away from work. The bills can’t mount quickly.

Luckily, the legal group at Phoong Law Corp can help. Many times we make arrangements so you are not out of pocket for the various expenses that occur after car accident injuries. We offer a Zero Fee Warranty that provides a stress-free way to get the legal and medical help you need without worrying about coming up with an initial outlay of cash. You would only pay a fee if we win or settle your case.

Securing Compensation

Phoong Law Corp has a stellar track record of working with auto accident victims, getting them the compensation that is just and rightfully deserved. If you or a family member have been hurt as a result of the negligence of another in a car accident, contact us for a free initial consultation. We will answer all your questions and make you aware of your rights and options.

Our professional accident attorney will evaluate the case and help provide peace of mind in moving forward.

Contact Our San Francisco Office

Schedule a consultation with us today to learn about your rights. With our Zero Fee Warranty, unless we win promise, you have nothing to lose.